The global financial crisis has prompted many companies to look for ways of saving money.

One of their major costs is wages for full-time staff. This has resulted in staff cuts or a move by companies to employ mainly casual or contract workers.

However, while this may be bad news for some workers, this trend of 'outsourcing' some jobs in organisations is leading to new opportunities, especially for mothers of young children.

These days, raising a family usually means that both partners need to work to pay the bills. However, in order for both partners to continue working after the birth of a child, the couple may have to consider using a childcare facility to take care of the child during working hours.

Unfortunately, childcare fees will take a big slice out of the couple's joint income.

But there is an answer: help to satisfy the growing demand from companies who have decided that it is more economical for them to use the services of people who work from home, rather than pay the wages of full-time secretaries.

There are many opportunities these days for people with little or no office experience to earn a good living from home. Several companies have been established which, for a small fee, will train people to do various jobs from the comfort of their homes.

These companies will also tell their trainees which companies are looking for assistance with jobs such as data entry, typing articles, proofreading and carrying out market research.

These work-at-home jobs provide a big benefit for young couples. Their children will mostly be in the care of at least one of the parents, so that they can share in the joy of watching their children learn and grow, as well as form a stronger bond with the child.

And as well as saving childcare costs, there are other savings to be made, such as the cost of transport to work or the cost of parking a car in the city for five days a week.

The only extra cost that is needed for most of these work-at home jobs is the cost of a computer, with an internet connection. However, most families already have a computer at home, so that should be no problem.

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